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Ramadan al Moazzam 1437H Details

The months of shere Rajab ul asab, shere Shaban ul karim and shere Ramazan ul moazzam are designated for ibaadat of Allah (ta). Especially the month of shere Ramazan ul moazzam.

Allah (ta) says in Quran e majeed:

"shere Ramazan is the month in which he has descended quran e majid to this world which is the beaming light which guides people to truthfulness".

Shere ramazana is the month of ibaadat and awliyaullah kiraam has guided mumineen towards it especially in doing ibaadat in two ways 1) individually and 2) collectively. It is a must on all mumineen to prepare for this month not only spiritually but physically as well to do the best ibaadat we can. For that a general meeting of mumineen was held to prepare a program for ibaadat and to decide on management issues. All mumineen are informed about the schedule for this month as discussed and decided in the meeting.

Ibadaat - Collectively:

1) Imamat namaaz:

* Maghrib\Isha: Syedna mohammed burhanuddin RA had always instructed mumineen to pray 3 times namaaz with imamat in masjid\markaz and if not possible atleast one time namaaz should be prayed with imamat. mumineen are requested that all should pray atleast maghrib-isha namaaz with imamat.

* fajr namaaz: every farizat is equivalent to 70 farizats in this Mubarak mahina so we urge all mumineen esp youngsters to attend fajr namaaz with imamat
at markaz. Namaaz and dua altogether will take 20 min in all. Fajr azan will be at 4.55 am and faraz at 5.00am.

* Zohar/Asar: every Friday and on weekends Zohar asar namaz will be held at markaz.

* sunnat/nafilat: every sunnat amal is equivalent to one farizat in this month so all should pray sunnat and nafilat in this month.

2) Behori:

All laya li fazela (17mi, 19mi, 21mi, akhri jumua, 30mi raat) will be prayed in markaz. Maximum mumineen should attend.

3) Iftaari:

Syedna najmuddin ra says that a mumin who is fasting is happy two times when he does iftar and on the day of judgement.

Iftaari is an integral part of roza and shere ramazan but it should not be a distraction from ibaadat which is why syedna mohammed burhanuddin ra and syedna aaliqadr mufaddal saifuddin tus started this rasam that only biscuit instead of khaaras should be served in iftaar and no mumineen should leave their masallahs and go out for iftar. Keeping that in mind this year we have done nizaam that no mumineen shall be permitted to leave their masallah and go out for iftar.

Dudh (milk), tea, water, khajoor and iftaari buiscuits will be served on the masallahs only. Only those mumineen who are doing iftari serving khidmat will be allowed to go outside.(they will be issued special cards to identify them). All this is being done because all can and should pray sunnat namaaz as per khushi and farman of moulana tus. All are requested to help us in following this nizaam.

All of the namaaz from maghrib azaan till the serving of iftaari niyaaz thaal should not take more than 20-25 min.

3) Niaz:

Few years back syedna mohammed burhanuddin (ra) instructed all mumineen around the world to do all iftaari niaz in sherullah and instructed all should take part in this kaare-khair. And moulana ra started the iftaari niaz of 19th ramazan by himself following in the tradition of Moulana Ali (as) and Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Husein (as). Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin tus has continued that tradition and is guiding all mumineen to participate in this kaare-khair

All mumineen are requested to do niaz individually or 2 families combined. And those mumineen who cannot do niaz individually or combined are requested to contribute hub for thaals. One thaal unit would be $53.

This year moulana tus has guided us towards eating healthy food for which

Alvazarat-tus-saifiyah has made 30 menus for sherullah with the inputs of doctors and dieticians towards attaining a balanced diet. We will inshallah be following the menu.

Note: all those mumineen who have done niyaat to do niyaaz are requested to book their nights online on the website which will be live shortly or contact niaz committee for the same.

To do all preparations and nizaam for shere-ramazan a unit of $321 is fixed per family which must be paid at the earliest.

* upri khidmat: shere ramazan is the month to attain maximum sawab and

do khidmat. For this reason all families of mumineen should participate in doing khidmat for which the nizaam will be as follows. All mumineen familywise will be divided in groups and assingned days and that group will do upri khidmat on the assigned date so that all mumineen get the sawab of upri khidmat and mumin ne jamarwaa ni khidmat. The groups and date will be posted and emailed shortly.

4) Tilaawatul quran:

Amirul mumineen says that :quran is Afzal from everything after Allah (ta)” maximum number of Qurans should be prayed in shere Ramazan. Collectively we will do daur every day before maghrib farz followed by syedi husain bs dm audio tape.
5) Qasida:

Qasaaed sharifa

  • ya sayyeda shohadai
  • fulkul husain
  • munaajaat
  • matami qaseeda
  • aye allah na dai

will be prayed before maghrib azan.

6) Bayan:

In sherullah we do both the ibaadats- ibaadat amaliyah as well as ilmiyah and for that bayaan will be held every day before maghrib azan. Bayaan will be around 25-30 min.

7) Sabak:

sabaks and special question & answers session will specially be held on saturday nights after niaz jaman.

Daily schedule of maghrib/isha namaaz:

The program will start 55 min before magrib faraz. If the maghrib is at 8.26pm then this will be the program. All mumineen are requested to reach markaz by 7.30 pm and take part in this program which is as follows:

1 Quraan tape (syedi husain bhaisaheb dm) 10 min 7.31-7.41 pm
2 Daur ul quran 10 min 7.41-7.51 pm
3 Qasida and Munajaat 10 min 7.51-8.01 pm
4 Bayaan 25 min 8.01-8.26 pm
5 Maghrib-Isha namaaz with iftaari 25 min 8.26-8.51 pm
6 Tasbi hul aazam 5 min 8.51-8.56 pm
7 Niyaaz Jaman 8.56-10.00pm

8) Wajebaat:

Shere Ramazana is the month in which we give our wajebaat. Wajeebaat takhmin bethak will start from 8th ramazan and adaaigi bethak will be after 15th sherullah. Wajebaat forms and details will be uploaded later.

Ibadaat - Individually:
  1. Namaaz: due to most people working in the week days Zohar asr namaaz might not be held but it is obligatory to pray namaaz nonetheless. all should make an effort in praying namaz adaa at work or home and praying syednal moayyed dua in between as well. (link for the soft copy of dua will be emailed soon)
  2. Tilawat ud dua: all mumineen should pray maximum dua’s such as kaamil, nasre wal mahaaba and other duas from hafti.
  3. Tasbih ul aazam: It is requested that all should try to pray this azeem namaaz daily (after isha namaaz) or weekly or atleast once in sherullah.
  4. Behori: Allah (ta) listens to those prayers which are done in the silence of the night. All mumineen should try to pray behori namaaz.
  5. Izaan-takbira: giving azan and takbira is a sharaf and those mumineen who wish to do that pls contact sh shujauddin bhai valika

All mumineen are requested to rsvp for daily attendance for maghrib/isha namaaz which will enable khidmatguzars in finalizing all preparations smoothly.

Sherullah il moazzam is right upon us not all mumineen should take advantage of this month and benefit from it as much as possible in doing ibaadat and khidmat which surely paves the way for us in attaining darajaat in Jannat. Mubarak to all. and dua maa yaad.

Abeede syedna tus
NorthChicago jamaat

Mairaj Raat Vasheque / Yaum al Mabas Majlis

Lailatul Meraaj:

26 mi tareekh - 27 mi raat rajab ul asab /2nd May, Monday 2016

7:54 pm - Washeeq Namaaz and Wasila

Venue: Schaumburg Markaz
Yawmul Mabas:
27 mi tarikh / 3rd May, Tuesday 2016
6:15 pm - majlis al waaz
7:55 pm - Maghrib/Isha Namaaz/Iftaari
8:20 pm - Niyaaz Jaman
Venue: Schaumburg Markaz
Registration required! CLICK HERE to register.
All mumineen muminaat and farzando are requested to attend both washeeq namaaz and majlis ul waaz as per khushi of moulana tus.

All mumineen are invited for Iftari and Niyaaz Jamaan.

AYYAMUL BARAKAT IL KHULDIYA Program (Urus Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A)

17mi Rajab - 18 mi raat 23rd april 2016 Saturday
Venue: Schaumburg markaz
1) 7.00 pm Khatmul Quran Majlis
2) 7.42 pm Maghrib Isha Namaaz
3) 8.00 pm Khatmul Quran Majlis
4) 8.15 pm Video from Alvazarat
5) Salawaat Packets will be served

All mumineen are requested to attend this majlis with whole family without fail. It is instructed that all mumineen should take barakat from the video which has been sent by alvazarat on the life of syedna taher saifuddin RA which is a unique and nayyab video.

18 mi Rajab - 19 mi raat 24th April 2016 Sunday
Venue: Schaumburg markaz
1) 6.30 pm Niyaaz Jaman
2) 7.25 pm Darees Majlis
3) 7.42 pm Maghrib Isha Namaaz
4) 8.00 pm Khatmul Quran Majlis/Sadakallah/Waaz

All mumineen should attend waaz majlis on the given time.

Ramadan al Moazzam 1436h (June, 17th - July, 16th 2015)

Respected Mumineen bhaiyo, behno and farzando of Hizbe Shujaee Chicago North,
Baad Afzal as Salaam.

The mubarak month of Ramadan al Moazzam is fast approaching. In the Quran Allah Subhanahu says: The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: it growth seven ears, and each ear hath a hundred grains. Allah giveth manifold increase to whom He pleaseth: And Allah careth for all and He knoweth all things. May Allah Ta'ala with the vasila of our beloved Aqamaula (tus) grant us all tawfiq to participate wholeheartedly in all kaar-e-khair during this mubarak month.

With raza mubarak we are honored to undertake the khidmat of organizing Ramadan al Moazzam iftaar and jaman arrangements this year.

To ensure that all mumineen are able to participate in the sawab and khidmat during this auspicious month:

  • A unit of $272 per family must be paid for arrangements
  • Additionally all mumineen are encouraged to make every effort to host as many thaals as possible for $40 per thaal
  • If you wish to put your name down for Azaan / Takbira please contact Shk Shujabhai Valika.

Please visit our website for further details and updates on namaz timings, wajebaat schedule and other events.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we request for Doa during Ramadan al Moazzam.

All mumineen, mumenaat, farzando and mehmano are given izan for Salawat nu Jaman.

Khuda taala Aqamaula Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin (tus) ni umr sharif ne Sehat Aafiyat ma ta roze Qiyamat daraaz ane daraaz karey, Ameen.

Dear Mumineen,
This is to announce the arrival of our beloved Shahzada Saheb, Shahzada Maalekul Ashtar Bhaisaheb D.M. to our Chicago North Jamaat. This occasion engulfs us in absolute happiness and extreme sadness both at the same time.
Shahzada saheb was blessed with leading mumineen as the Amirul Haj last year. After which Shahzada saheb lead mumineen in the buqa of Imam Husain (AS) by conducting Ashara Mubaraka waaz at Karbala Moalla itself. Besides, after our beloved Aqa Maula Aali Qadr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS became our dai'z zaman, Shahzada Saheb invited Aqa Maula TUS for zyarat to Karbala Moalla and Yemen. In Yemen after Aqa Maula TUS performed iftetah of Masjid-e-Mansoor-ul-Yemen, Shahzada Saheb was bestowed with the sharaf of zyafat of Aqa Maula TUS. All these events produce immense joy in the hearts of mumineen and motivates us to celebrate with Shahzada saheb saying Mubarak!Mubarak!Mubarak!
At the same time, we are engulfed in the ultimate sorrow due to the wafaat of our beloved Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA). Let us take this opportunity by offering our condolences (taziyat) to Shahzada Saheb with faith that khuda taala grants sabar to both Aqa Maula Aali Qadr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and Shahzada Saheb as quickly as possible.
Dear mumineen, let us leap at this occasion and welcome Shahzada Saheb to the best of our abilities so much so that Shahzada saheb does arz to Aqa Maula TUS and that we mumineen of Chicago North are bestowed with the sharaf of doing the khair maqdam of Aqa Maula TUS himself.

Namaaz Timings for Chicago North

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ZAWAAL: 12:49 PM
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